Toegevoegd: Guy Edmonds and Marcy Saude, Amsterdam Dec 5

December 5, Filmhius Cavia

Van Hallstraat 52-I 1051 HH Amsterdam

Toegevoegd: Guy Edmonds and Marcy Saude

Guy Edmonds and Marcy Saude are artists interested in exploring and working through properties of 16mm and Super 8 film. They will present a joint exhibition of selected short films alongside experimental and found films in dialog with their work.

Guy Edmonds makes trans-genre films, inspired particularly by his love of amateur and experimental film, which often explore different aspects of historical film technology. He studied Fine Art and History of Art at Camberwell School of Art in London and Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to filmmaking, he has also reworked his ideas about film through performances, screenings and programmes such as the ‘Séance du Cinema’ and ‘Saloon of Refuse.’

Marcy Saudeʼs work involves subjects such as marginal histories, the landscape, counterculture, and language. She is interested in DIY aesthetics, appropriation, homesteading, the relationship between the natural and built environments and politics, and expanded notions of non-fiction. She received an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder and recently relocated to Amsterdam from Los Angeles.