27 min, 16mm, 2022

Presented as a series of visual field recordings and staged interventions in place, captured on expired film, Come On Pilgrim originates in the experience of the filmmaker living in a flat overlooking the Mayflower steps in Plymouth (UK). This location serves as a jumping-off point to interrogate histories of settler-colonialism, identity, and mythos in the surrounding landscape, from the viewpoint of a recent immigrant. These histories are related in fragmentary fashion by community members in a collage of voices, contrasting with monumental narratives set in stone.

Throughout the film, fellow immigrants are rendered visible in everyday situations, protests are documented, a wizard invents an empire, vinyl is vandalised, and Anglo-Saxon re-enactors trek through Dartmoor, gesturing towards waves of settlement on the British Isles.

Come On Pilgrim was supported by Arts Council England, Mayflower 400, and Plymouth Culture.