5 or 6 minutes on cinematic time

OK, I created a Vimeo account sos I can slap a video or two onto this blog. Signed up on that site rather than Youtube because I’m not particularly interested in wide dissemination, I really only want the capability to embed here.

The following is not a “piece,” it’s the final digital essay I created for a class. The assignment was a 5 minute video addressing issues of time and the moving image, filmmaker influences, and direct theory as postulated by Edward Small.  I put together a couple of Bela Tarr clips and blabbed a bit over the top. The result barely skims the surface of some pretty chewy subject matter, but hey, I’m already trashing the 5 minute limit.  Anyone who wants to discuss spatial practice and Deleuze’s crystals of time in depth can take me out for a drink.

errata: I seem to suggest that Lars Rudolph (the main character in Werckmeister Harmonies-which I misspell) is a grizzled Hungarian. This is incorrect; he’s a (beautiful) German. Also, Vimeo wants to tell you to comment on the video on their site. Except you can’t. Moronic comments are one of my biggest complaints about video sharing sites- actually, about “Web 2.0” in general- so I turned them off (there, not here).

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