more stills from Libre and Ward

Nic developed some rolls of b&w recently, so here are some more stills from the projects I’ve been working on. The black and white looks so beautiful that it makes me second guess my decision to film in color. It’s so hard not to fall in love with the images; it’s so easy to forget that the most beautiful image is not necessarily the best/ most appropriate one for my films.

(all photos by Nicholas Seivert)

4 thoughts on “more stills from Libre and Ward

  1. Your and Dawn’s films were pretty easily the most interesting at the screening. How were you guys so unenthusiastic about showing them?

    Pretty much everyone I talked to felt the same way.

  2. It was so great that you and all those other MFA kids showed! Dawn and I are not finished with our films, and it’s really hard to put something out in the world when it doesn’t really look how it will when it’s finished. I was still working on my piece 1/2 hour before the show, and will be working on it all break. Thanks, though!

  3. I dislike work in progress critiques for the most part (most of the criticism seems to be things that can’t be done without restarting the project or finishing the project) but it was nice to see what you guys have been working on.

    Is the section we saw pretty complete, or will you be revising some of it as well as adding to it?

  4. What we saw will be accompanied by another section with Xi as a gold miner! Our first attempt at filming that part did not work out (I stuck a couple shots in the WIP anyway). It will be sort of a ghostly presence of the past type thing, relating specifically to the erasure of Chinese miners from Ward’s history. We’ll see how it goes. Additionally, the color will be completely different, and hopefully my attempts to create something like a narrative out of audio from Westerns will be more developed. Right now, I feel that the piece has too much of a nostalgic feel, and I need to figure out how to deal with issues of the past and a sense of change and loss without fetishizing decay. Lots of work left.

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