Alternative Strategies #1: Handmade Home in NYC 4/29

An in-progress version of the first in the Alternative Strategies series, Handmade Home, will screen at Anthology Film Archives in a memorial screening series of Robert Nelson’s work. Alternative Strategies #1: Handmade Home is a brief documentary about the house built by Nelson and William T. Wiley in the forests of Mendocino County, California.

View the program here.

summer project

I’ve just returned from a trip to the Açores, Portugal, filming sites on the islands related to my family’s history, landscapes remembered and misremembered from stories about “the old country” I grew up hearing. Hot tip: security at the Lisbon airport ain’t about to hand check your film unless you can show them a letter from INAC (Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil), a fact that I’d have figured out earlier if my Portuguese was a bit better.

This project should debut November 30 at a graduate student showcase as part of the First Person Cinema series; it was supported by a Beverly Sears grant from the CU Boulder Graduate School.

Casa d'Silva's Pico Açores (8)



I’ve been pretty disappointed that remnants of railroads once traveling from Boulder deep into the mountains are gone for the most part without a trace (see Switzerland Trail post). So I was quite excited recently to find, via a bike ride filming adventure down Valmont,  this lot belonging to the Boulder County Railway Historical Society, offering up a bit of a connection to long gone lines.

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