Inquiry Toward the Practice of Secular Magic August 26 & 27

I will be giving an illustrated lecture, George Van Tassel, at Inquiry Toward the Practice of Secular Magic, an evening of art and live cinema at pixel + frequency gallery in Los Angeles at 9pm on Friday and Saturday, August 26 and 27.

About George Van Tassel (the lecture): The life and work of a California eccentric becomes a node for topics such as UFO contactees, magnetic vortices, cell rejuvenation, sacred geometry, visionary architecture, desert mysteries, and pulp paperbacks. A lecture with photos, video, narration and sound.

Artists participating in the Inquiry include Ross Lipman, Stephan Berkman, Luke, Liz Goetz, Anjali Sundaram, Nina Hoechtl, Inna-Marie Strazhnik, and Eric Potter.
More info about the Inquiry here.

MFA Thesis Exhibition opens Friday April 1st

My new film, Sangre de Cristo, will be shown on a loop in the CU Art Museum video gallery as part of CU Boulder’s Spring 2011 MFA show, Beyond, which opens Friday, April 1 from 5-7 pm and continues through April 14.

The work in the show from my super amazing MFA brothers and sisters Amber Dawn Cobb, Jesse Ryan Kuroiwa, Shannon Lowry, Adrianna Marie Santiago, Thomas Spradling, Kari Treadwell, Lydia Young and Xi Zhang ranges from photography and digital art to installation, community-based practice, sculpture and painting.

still from Sangre de Cristo

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Photos: Rabun County

This fall I took 5 rolls of Kodachrome 16mm with me on a visit to Rabun County, Georgia. These photos are portraits of each of those rolls, created by projecting each roll and making a long exposure onto 4×5 positive film. Five 17 x 22″ pigment ink prints.

(click on an image for an enlarged slideshow)

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