Chamber of the Sacred Sounds

Kiva back

Drove through Gold Hill today, a dirt road mountain town about 20 minutes from Boulder that kinda looks like the set of a movie that takes place on the “frontier,” and ran out of gas. A nice fellow in the general store sold us some gas from his personal stash, then let us check out the kiva he built in his backyard, modeled after the ideas of this guy.

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Los Matachines

Matachines with buffalo

Before the performance of Los Comanches, dancers filed out of the Alcalde church and performed Los Matachines, a folk dance that involves a monarch, a bride, a bull, and buffalo with whips. The costumes were AMAZING, but I couldn’t justify filming the dancers since they didn’t fit into my project (hello no budget!). Luckily, Nic took a bit of video.

Here’s a nice article that summarizes the symbolism and possible historical origins of both Los Matachines and Los Comanches.